Your home is one of your largest investments.

That's why having a proven strategy is important when trying to have a successful and profitable close. It is imperative in today's extremely competitive market. Below are a few of Dean "Dino" Mandile's top Marketing Timelines must have's to sell your Los Angeles home.
  • Listing agreement executed
  • Professional photography, including drone & videography 
  • PR outreach 
  • Pre-market promotion 
    • e-blasts, social media posts, 
    • phone calls to influential agents 
  • Digital Launch 
    • showcase property on website 
    • e-blast to over 10,000 agents 
    • social media on Dean and Sotheby's profiles 
  • Sotheby's global private network exposure 
  • Targeted and direct marketing to buyers 
  • Print asset mailed to 1,000 surrounding neighbors + database of agents 
  • Open houses 
    • private and public open houses
  • Local print advertising 
    • The MLS Guide 
    • The LA Times 
  • Digital exposure
    • social media posts
    • e-blasts
  • Additional print ad strategies 

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