5 Best Hikes to Try Near Beverly Hills

5 Best Hikes to Try Near Beverly Hills

  • Dean Mandile
  • 12/14/22
When thinking of Beverly Hills, many people might first picture its luxury living and fine dining, but this city is also surrounded by stunning nature in the nearby Franklin Canyon and Runyon Canyon Parks. Expert realtors like Dean Mandile know all this city offers for buyers searching in the area. Whether you’re interested in a short stroll in the fresh air or are looking for an adventure, visit these five best hikes in the area.

1. Franklin Canyon Park

Some of the best hiking near Beverly Hills is at Franklin Canyon Park, which has three main trails traversing five miles. The park itself spans 605 acres and features a range of habitats from oak woodlands, chaparral, grasslands, and a three-acre lake. For a quick view of the canyon and woodlands, the 0.3-mile loop Discovery Trail travels through the black walnut woodland at the base of the canyon. Visitors can enjoy the shady trail, then explore the rest of what this park has to offer.

Another short option is the Berman Trail, which crosses one mile to Mulholland Drive. This trail can be moderate or strenuous, although it rewards hikers with beautiful lakeside views. This trail also provides access to the Santa Monica Mountains to reach Coldwater Canyon Park and Wilacre Park. The longest trail at this park is the Hastain Trail, a 2.3-mile round trip. This trail leads hikers through chaparral, towards a lookout with lower canyon views, and down to a ranch area near the Old Doheny House.

2. Upper Franklin Canyon Reservoir

For views featuring all that Franklin Canyon Park has to offer, hikers can walk the Upper Franklin Canyon Reservoir. Only about 1.4 miles, this trail is open year-round at the north end of the park. Although hikers can stick to the trail, there are also several opportunities to explore beyond the trail and admire the park’s nature and shorelines. As a short and relatively flat journey, this trail is ideal for beginner hikers looking for Beverly Hills things to do.

There are also several areas to start the trail, whether you begin from the Ranch Trail or further north or south along the road. Throughout the hike, visitors can enjoy this shaded green oasis, which feels far separate from the surrounding Beverly Hills. The end of the hike parallels the reservoir’s shoreline, offering views of wildlife in the area, particularly waterfowl.

3. Runyon Canyon Park

Another park near Beverly Hills that offers great hikes is Runyon Canyon Park. Spanning 160 acres, this park is located at the eastern end of the Santa Monica Mountains. Visitors can enter at the Fuller entrance, the Vista entrance, or the Mulholland entrance, depending on which trails they want to traverse and where they want to start those trails. The three main trails in this park are the East Trail, the Runyon Canyon Fire Road, and the West Trail. From those trails are popular vista points like Inspiration Point and Cloud’s Rest.

This is a popular area to hike, so those searching for a quiet day outdoors may want to choose another trail from this list. Otherwise, its multiple entrances allow you to hike trails however you wish. From the Mulholland entrance, hikers can follow a 0.85-mile trail to the park’s high point. Or visitors can hike 0.45 miles to Inspiration Point from the Vista entrance.

Those interested in a longer hike can travel the whole 3.3-mile loop along the Runyon Canyon Fire Road to the top of the park, then back down the West Trail. From this hike, you’ll spot the Hollywood sign, the Griffith Observatory, and the Pacific Ocean on clear days. A shorter 2.6-mile loop is also available to hikers, starting at the junction between the West Trail and the Runyon Canyon Fire Road and ending at the Fuller entrance.

4. Baldwin Hills

Another spot for great hiking near Beverly Hills is Baldwin Hills. Baldwin Hills is a part of the larger Park to Playa Trail and is an alternate route to the Hillside Trail. Only 0.6 miles, and with a 202-foot elevation gain, this short hike provides a great view from the top of a peak. Hikers can enjoy seasonal blooms of the surrounding restored native habitat, as well as spot native birds and wildlife in the area.

Those interested in the rest of the Park to Playa Trail can explore several sections of its 13 miles. Alongside the Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook, this trail comprises the Stocker Corridor, the Blair Hills Segment C, the Kenneth Hahn State Recreation Area, the Ballona Creek Bike Path, and the Culver City Park. Those interested in hiking can take the Parklands shuttle bus to travel between trailheads.

5. Betty B Dearing Trail

Those in Beverly Hills shouldn’t miss the Betty B Dearing Trail, a moderate hike totaling five miles. This hike challenges visitors with its diverse terrain, including switchbacks twisting through the forest, paths across running streams and over fallen logs, and trails up dusty mountains. This well-loved hike offers a breadth of natural sights for an engaging experience.

Those hiking this trail will walk through shaded groves, across narrow trails with mountain views, and over a small creek with a rocky trail. Although the second half of the trail is less shaded than the first, hikers can still admire nature views. Those interested in a shorter hike can stop 2.72 miles at the Rainforest Trail, then backtrack to the beginning. Or complete the full five miles for mountain views.

Ready to hike Beverly Hills?

When in Beverly Hills, try out these five great hiking spots. Whether you’re looking for something easy or strenuous, want to see panoramic views of the city, or completely immerse yourself in nature, these trails offer a bit of everything. If you’re ready to live a little close to these spots, contact trusted local agent Dean Mandile to guide you through the home-buying process.

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